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Tom was on sabbatical for all of 2018 but will begin showing his work again in the latter half of 2019.

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions


 June 14 through July 8, 2019 at the Marin Society of Artists gallery in San Rafael, California.

A national juried exhibition in which selected artists interpret their ideas, thoughts and emotions in two and three dimensional form.  Tom is proud to have his painting, Moonlight Noseride, included in the exhibition.




Exhibition History          


                                                         THE NEXT BIG THING                                                                    

                                     May 18 through June 24, 2017 at Studio Channel Islands in Camarillo, California.

Artists continuously challenge their own boundaries and explore their unique discoveries. Studio Channel Islands presents recent break-through pieces by various artists, the ones that led them to the horizon of their work’s next evolution.  

                      The Next Big Thing included Tom's painting, Guitar and Water, the first in his new series of abstract works.





                                                               NEWPORT BEACH ART EXHIBITION - June 17, 2017

      Two of Tom's abstract paintings, "Star, Vector" and "Sail North" were selected for Newport's 53rd annual show of diverse works.




                                                                                          SEA and SURF

                                   October 1st to December 29, 2016 at the Herbert B. Turner Gallery in Del Mar, California

                             Tom's painting, Triola, was awarded First Prize in this exhibition reflecting surf and water culture.




                                                                                      ART OF THE EQUINE

                                        July 18 to Sep 24, 2016 at the Herbert B. Turner Gallery in Del Mar, California

Featuring all things equine, this exhibiton included three of Tom's paintings: Dark Horse, The Workout, and Bronte & Sterope. Located near the race track in Del Mar, the HBT is the Official Gallery of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club.                      




                                                          NEWPORT BEACH ART EXHIBITION 2016  -  June 18, 2016    


The 52nd Annual Newport Beach Art Exhibiton offered the public an opportunity to view original work up close and personal in an environment where they could meet the artists and discuss first-hand the content, process and meaning of the works shown.  Limited to two pieces per artist, the show spanned a wide variety of style and subject matter.  Tom's paintings, "Spiked Wave" and "VBall Red X Killer" were included in the show.


                                                   ISAP 7th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL OPEN ONLINE SHOW 2016


  Duende 2, Tom's totemic image of Ravens, is included in this exhibition of acrylic paintings created by artists from all over the world.



                                                   VUELO   March - April 2016 at the Center of the Arts in Tubac AZ

Sponsor of regional and national exhibitions, The Tubac Center of the Arts is located in the heart of the dynamic arts environment in southern Arizona.  Tom's painting, Duende 2, was featured in Vuelo (Flight), an international exhibition of works celebrating the spirit, power and beauty of birds.




                                                                                        THE CROW SHOW '16 - February 2016

Sponsored by The Studio Door gallery in San Diego for the second year running and curated by Michelle Diziel, Art Consultant and former curator with the Norton Simon Museum of Art in Pasadena, The Crow Show celebrates crows and ravens as icons of power and symbolism in cultural myth, story and imagination. 

                                   Click on the image to the left to check out the Online Gallery, including Tom's painting, Duende 2.



                                           THE HOLIDAY ART MARKET  - December 2015

                                          Produced by The Studio Door gallery, small works (24" and under) by San Diego artists



                                                        HUMAN - Sep 28 through Oct 30 2015

At the Orange Country Creatives Gallery in Laguna Beach CA, Tom's work, Triola, received an Honorable Mention in this show exploring the theme of "What is it that makes us human?"



                                                                  DOVE LIBRARY - Sep 27 through Oct 29 2015

                                                             Paintings by Tom Leedy at the Dove Library, Carlsbad, CA


                                            EXHIBITION OF FINE ART, SAN DIEGO COUNTY FAIR - Summer 2015

                                                                                       Paintings by Tom Leedy 



                                              "MOMENTS" - ONE ARTIST'S VISION DISTILLED - Jan through Mar 2015

                                                       Paintings by Tom Leedy at the Civic Center Gallery, Encinitas, CA



                                                                      THE CROW SHOW, HOMAGE TO THE RAVEN - February 2015

                   An international show juried by Jenna S. Jacobs, Curatorial Manager, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

                                                                  Produced by The Studio Door in San Diego

                                                              See "Duende" by Tom Leedy in the Exhibition Catalog



                                          ORANGE COUNTY FAIR FINE ARTS COMPETITION - Summer 2015

 Honorable Mention in the Professional Division received for Tom's painting, Triola, depicting a tri-partite surfer against an orange sky.