ART by Tom Leedy                                                                           ellipsis THMB


Art Bio

Tom received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1975. He spent the next several years painting commissioned pieces and creating stained glass for patrons in the beach towns of San Diego county. His work was shown locally and in venues such as the annual Fine Arts Exhibition at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar.

Subsequently, Tom commenced a lengthy career detour developing software for corporate America.  During that period, Leedy remained active in the arts by doing commissioned work and pieces of personal interest.

In 2014 he returned full-time to art.

Finding inspiration in literature, life and imagination, his vivid expressionist paintings, whether figurative or abstract, are built on bold line, intense color and simple compositions.  Referencing the "real" world but transforming it, the works are filled with visual and psychological energy, embodying a personal vision that invites the audience to contemplate moments isolated in time, action and perception.

Tom’s work is shown online and at exhibitions produced by galleries throughout California, including The Studio Door in San Diego, The Herbert B. Turner Gallery in Del Mar, Orange County Creatives in Laguna Beach, Studio Channel Islands in Camarillo and The Marin Society of Artists Gallery in San Rafael.

Tom welcomes interaction with everyone interested in the arts.  He can be reached via email at